More Than Just a Once-Over Wipe: Cleaning and Disinfecting Needs at Schools

Learn Why Schools Need A Deep Cleaning

Crackers smashed into the carpet. Used, wadded-up tissues bouncing off the rim of the wastebasket. Sticky fingerprints glisten on desks. It’s just another day in the classroom.

In the age of COVID-19, MRSA, norovirus, and other monstrous microscopic creatures, the thought of keeping your school truly clean—a place, after all, where children roam—can be daunting. How clean is clean? How often should you disinfect? And how can you possibly keep up with so many health threats?

A safe, clean school is not a lost cause, even with Braden scraping his muddy shoes off on the windowsill. In fact, it’s a goal well within your reach if you know what to address on a daily basis, bolstered with regular installments of deep disinfecting services as well.

Do This Every Day

Prevention is always the greatest cure, of course, so make sure all classrooms and common areas are well-equipped with hand sanitizer, tissues, and cleaning wipes that students and staff can use throughout the day. Use no-touch trash cans to minimize little hands coming in direct contact with yucky bacteria and germs!

It’s also important to wipe down frequently touched surfaces and objects every day. While cleaning involves removing germs with soap and water, disinfecting entails using a chemical to kill them. Experts have recommended wiping these surfaces down in school spaces at least once per day.

  • Door knobs and handles
  • Stair rails
  • Classroom desks and chairs
  • Lunchroom tables and chairs
  • Countertops
  • Handrails
  • Light switches
  • Handles on equipment (e.g., athletic equipment)
  • Push-buttons on vending machines and elevators
  • Shared toys
  • Shared remote controls
  • Shared telephones
  • Shared desktops
  • Shared computer keyboards and mice
  • Bus seats and handrails

But Then Get Help with This

Wiping down frequently touched surfaces with a good disinfectant is an important part of a school’s daily janitorial routine. However, your disinfecting responsibility doesn’t stop there.

Areas throughout the school, especially restrooms, gyms, locker rooms, and the cafeteria, should undergo a deep cleaning during breaks, such as winter break, spring break, or the summer. Carpets and HVAC systems also need thorough cleanings to prevent the build-up and transmission of bacteria. Classrooms, too, should undergo regular cleanings that are more extensive than the daily disinfecting sessions.

This is when you need to call in the calvary, or, rather, Wooster Cleaning and the Clorox® Total 360® Machine. With our specialized electrostatic sprayer, we can get well beyond surfaces to disinfect every nook and cranny of the school space where germs might hang out, from the tops of lockers to the exceptionally icky undersides of desks. Charging the cleaning droplets with electrodes, the Clorox® Total 360® Machine draws them toward every inch of every surface like magnets—and not just in science class! This technology ensures that all harmful microorganisms are killed on the spot. And the best news of all? You don’t have to wait for a school break to get ahead of the germs. Students and staff may re-enter the space in as little as 15 minutes!

A clean school not only prevents illness (and the resulting absenteeism), but helps staff and students feel happy and focused in their space. Everyone deserves an inviting learning environment that sparkles as much as the bright young minds stepping through the door. (Just clean those doorknobs every day!)

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